A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as:

Dental veneers

Composite bonding

Tooth implants

Teeth whitening

Alignment and Spacing: Teeth that are crooked, overlapping or have gaps between them can be straightened and aligned when necessary through orthodontics or Invisalign (clear braces).

Replacing Missing Teeth: One or more missing teeth can negatively affect the appearance of your smile, as well as affect your bite and function, making replacement an integral part of your oral health and facial aesthetics. There are different ways to replace missing teeth, with dental implants, bridges or partial dentures.

Harmony and Balance: Aesthetic dentistry doesn´t mean having perfectly aligned, white teeth. It means bringing harmony and balance back to your smile. There are minimal treatments that can be done quite easily, such as fixing uneven, chipped and cracked teeth with cosmetic bonding for an improved appearance, or bringing harmony to an a gummy smile by re-contouring the gums to help improve the overall look of the smile.

Fuller Lips, Smile and Cheeks: An ageing face  can also be improved or rejuvenated with certain procedures in the smile makeover category, including orthodontics and/or oral maxillofacial surgery. Not having to go down the fillers and botox route.

Smile makeovers are performed for many reasons and the treatment of choice is customised according to your unique considerations in each case and the needs and wants of our patients.