Implants have been around for more than 50 years and more and more dentists have started placing them.

The longevity of the implant will vary from person to person depending on the aesthetic outcome and how healthy the bone and soft tissues around the implant are maintained over time. Unfortunately this is often not taken into account before the beginning of the treatment, and having an implant that might have to be removed comes as a surprise to many patients.

Here at LPID we specialize in all areas of periodontal and cosmetic treatments around dental implants. Because of that, we are often chosen as the experts to treat people who have problematic implants.

Whilst we always try to treat the problem around the implant with minimal intervention, occasionally the implant might have to be removed, the bone regenerated and a new implant placed again, to achieve a good outcome.

For more information on removing dental implants, please contact our practice on 02075639989 and watch our video testimonial from one of our dear patients who might be in your same situation.