Dental veneers are used to mask discoloured, chipped, cracked and poorly shaped or positioned teeth. Rapid advances in ceramic technology have revolutionised the smile design concept and the materials used by our laboratories to create the veneer teeth provide the most aesthetic man made alternative to the natural tooth tissue.

You would need to come and see our Specialist for a consultation where the options appropriate to your case would be thoroughly discussed. We would take moles of your teeth, pictures and a precise tooth shade to see where the improvements need to be made. The laboratory can then create a diagnostic wax up which will allow you to visualise and approve the intended outcome with your veneer teeth.

At your second visit, the teeth to be veneered would be minimally prepared, another impression taken and sent to the laboratory for the permanent veneers to be hand crafted. The temporary veneers are constructed to provide you with an aesthetic provisional restoration already improving your smile throughout the process.

At the final visit the provisional veneers are carefully removed, and your custom laboratory made teeth veneers tried in. A thorough quality control programme is initiated to ensure that you receive an LPID product of premier quality. Once you are happy with the results, porcelain veneers will be permanently bonded in.