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Periodontal Surgery

What is Periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease or ‘’gum disease’’ occurs when gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) has advanced and become more severe causing inflammation, redness, bleeding and swelling which can, if left untreated lead to the loss of bone surrounding the teeth.

Gingivitis typically sets in due to poor oral hygiene habits and a build-up of plaque, and tartar. Regular dental check-ups and routine hygiene visits can help to avoid this condition, but if it does occur, professional treatment can reverse it.

Periodontitis however, is a more severe form of gum disease in which the body’s inflammatory response, destroys surrounding bone and tissue, as the gums begin to separate from the teeth. Your bone and gum tissue should fit tightly around your teeth, however, this separation causes spaces or ‘’pockets’’ to develop, which in bacteria gets trapped and can lead to infection. Over time pockets become deeper and lead to damage of the deeper structures that anchor the roots of the teeth. Eventually, if too much bone is lost, the teeth will need to be extracted.

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