If you suspect a problem in your teeth or mouth, call us as soon as possible. At Diabetes Dental Care we will always make time for you, especially if there is a problem.

We specialize in the overall oral health needs of patients like yourself. We will do a thorough examination and provide you with the best dental advice and treatment for your particular situation (diabetes status, age, needs).

At Diabetes Dental Care we are committed to preventative dentistry. Therefore, we aim to get your mouth to a good standard of health in order to avoid possible diabetic complications. We advise checking your oral health twice a year on average to ensure that everything is under control. Also if any problems are found, then early diagnosis is the best way to keep everything under control and maintain the health of your teeth. Contact us today for a consultation on 02075639980. You can also have a telephone conversation with our specialist to see how we could possibly help you.