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Should I be Afraid of the Dentist? Throughout the history, Dentistry has terrified patients to the core. Before anesthetics were discovered, dental procedures caused agony to patients. However, despite our advancement in dentistry and pain relief some still choose to avoid the dentist completely. Why? One patient described her past experiences as ‘uncomfortable and unsettling’. […]

More often than not, non surgical periodontal treatment, also known as scaling and root planning, root surface debridement or deep cleaning, performed by our specialist periodontist, will be enough to treat the majority of the areas where you might have bone loss, bleeding, pocketing, inflammation, bad taste or smell. You should know that scaling and […]

Acid Erosion (dental erosion) is a type of tooth wear in which the acid dissolves the tooth structure (enamel and dentine). This process is irreversible. The most common cause of acid erosion is from acidic foods and drinks. Those that pose a risk are soft drinks, some alcohol, fruit drinks/juices, carbonated drinks.Acidic erosion can also […]