Acid Erosion (dental erosion) is a type of tooth wear in which the acid dissolves the tooth structure (enamel and dentine). This process is irreversible.

The most common cause of acid erosion is from acidic foods and drinks. Those that pose a risk are soft drinks, some alcohol, fruit drinks/juices, carbonated drinks.Acidic erosion can also be a result of other factors such as chlorinated swimming pools and gastric reflux.

Teeth may appear thinner, yellow and feel more sensitive when they are in regular contact with acid, this is due to enamel (the harder part of the tooth) being dissolved and the dentine (the softer underlying part of the tooth) becoming visible to the external environment.

These are the top tips from our LPID hygienist to help prevent against acid erosion:

Reduce the number of acidic drinks and foods. Even no added sugar drinks contain fruit which have natural sugars and acids. Remember it’s the number and length of exposures which erodes the teeth not the amount!

Rinse after drinking and eating anything acidic.

Have acidic drinks through a straw.

Avoid brushing immediately after consuming acidic food and drinks as the teeth will be softened. Wait at least half an hour before tooth brushing again.

Drinking milk, eating cheese or plain yoghurts afterwards can help neutralise the acid.

For more advice on the health of your teeth and gums don’t hesitate to contact us to book in with our hygienist on 02075639989. We are more than happy to help.

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