Ask Your Dentist… Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Periodontal Disease

As you might already know, it is generally recommended that you visit your dentist atleast twice per year. This routine examinations are particularly important if you have diabetes, are or have been a smoker, you have had gum disease in the past, or have a history of missing teeth in the family. Any infection or lesion you have in your mouth, whether you have symptoms or not (most patients don´t recognize when there is a problem, until the problem is quite advanced) can have a negative impact in your general health. We know that the presence of gum disease is strongly associated with diabetes and heart disease.

We would advise you to request that your dentist conducts a complete examination to detect periodontal disease at least once a year. Often this will require dental x-rays and doing a periodontal charting to measure the depth of the periodontal pockets around each tooth. This feels a little like pocking around your gums. It shouldn´t be painful though, so if it is, it might be because your gums are quite inflamed and infected.

Here is a list of questions we would recommend you ask your dentist, to ensure you

both keep on top of your periodontal health.

•    Ask your dentist or hygienist if there are pocket depths of 5 millimeters or more, which usually means there is periodontal disease present.
•    Ask if your oral hygiene is adequate and, if not, how it can be improved.
•    Ask how you can help prevent periodontal disease. Also ask how often you should see the dentist, and what oral hygiene regime is best for you.
•    If you have periodontal disease, ask about treatment options.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for an oral health check up, if you would like to ensure your mouth is healthy and stays health.

We are here to help you keep your teeth for life.



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