Let´s talk about the treatment for receding gums and gum grafting techniques.

Gum recessions or receding gums, can be noticed when your teeth look longer than they used to, you all of the sudden have a little bit of root exposed to the oral cavity, or simply notice tooth sensitivity to cold air, foods or drinks.

If sensitivity is all that bothers you, we have plenty of solutions available to you which will most likely involve applying a dental product for a few weeks. However, if the looks of your teeth have become a concern, and you would like to know the ways in which we normally treat those long teeth to bring the gum back where it was and give your smile that natural and young look back, continue reading…

There are several types of procedures to do soft tissue grafting.

  • The most commonly used one typically involves adding a little bit of gum (which is retrieved from a small area in the palate) to the area where there is a gum deficiency. This is called Gum Grafting or Connective Tissue Grafting, and there are plenty of techniques that can be used, depending on whether we’re treating a single recession or multiple receded teeth in one same area.
  • Some people prefer to avoid using gum tissue from the palate, and in those cases donor gum or Alloderm can be used to plump the area where there is a gum deficiency.
  • And in some cases, especially if the recessions are not too severe, we can try to cover the existing root surface using your own flap (or gum right next to the tooth) without needing extra gum to plump it out. This is typically called a pedicle flap.

In both instances, the result can be very good, mimicking natural gum. Whether we use one type of soft tissue grafting material or the other, the most important part from our point of view, is the design of the flap, using microsurgical instruments and stitches to minimize scaring and help with the healing, as well as the postoperative instructions and care after the procedure. These are all aspects of microsurgical mucogingival surgery or cosmetic gum surgery, which we specialise on.

If you are concerned about your receding gums and the looks of your long teeth, feel free to send us a photo or come in for a consultation and we will be able to give you advice and determine the best type of procedure to use, based on your individual needs.



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